December 28th 2004 UPDATE

Dear friends, welcome to the last site update of 2004 just in time to wish you a fantastic new year. Five new cd reviews and many more soon to come. My top-ten chart about 2004 is almost completed and I hope yours is ready too. Please send it to me, here !! I will post mine on the site next update. In the meantime, enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: CIRCLES END Hang On To That Kite - MOONGARDEN The Gates Of Omega - SHINGETSU Live 25.26 July 1979 - STEVE ADAMS Maiden Voyage + Vertigo.
News : Wydawnictwo 21 new releases - Shakary - Camel

December 6th 2004 UPDATE

Dear TOW readers, another year is ending and it's almost time to choose your ten favourite albums of 2004. I'll do the same, maybe in the next update. If you want to send your charts to me, please write here. In the meantime, read four new cd reviews and my Arcansiel gig report (see also my pics !!). I wish you Merry X-mas in advance, being not sure to update the site before. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: THE WATCH Vacuum - FARPOINT From Dreaming To Dreaming - INQUIRE The Neck Pillow - VOX TEMPUS In The Eye Of Time
Gig Review: Arcansiel + Riddle - Mezzago "Bloom" 12/11/2004
News : 3 EARS new releases

November 16th 2004 UPDATE

Four cd reviews in this november update. From the positive surprise of Nemo to the disappointing new Scorpions album. In the meantime Tales Of Wonder celebrated in softly its third birthday last November 6th. The next update will feature an Arcansiel gig review and some pics. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: NEMO Présages - SONIQ THEATER This Mortal Coil - SCORPIONS Unbreakable - MIRAGE A Secret Place.
News : Camel - Hubi Meisel.

October 28th 2004 UPDATE

Three swedish albums out of four reviewed this time...I could define this as a swedish update !!! Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: STEREOKIMONO Prismosfera - PAATOS Kallocain - CROSS Playgrounds - BLACK BONZO Lady Of The Light
News : Arcansiel - Retroheads - Asia - Kartini Music - Farpoint

October 6th 2004 UPDATE

A rich update this time. You can read an interview to Jos Werners from dutch band US, an article about German Synphonic prog of the seventies and the usual four cd reviews...oooppss five, cause Scott Jacks is two in one.... Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: AYREON The Human Equation - DAVE BAINBRIDGE Veil Of Gossamer - CAST Nimbus - SCOTT JACKS Scott Jacks/You Know Me By Now
Interviews : Jos Werners (US)
Deepenings : An useful listening guide to GERMAN SYNPHONIC PROG of the Seventies with a recommended discography
News : Shakary - Nemo

September 17th 2004 UPDATE

Hi there!! I'm just in late this time with TOW update. Four new reviews including two so important releases as Marillion and Iq. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: IQ Dark Matter - SYLVAN X-Rayed - RANDONE Ricordo - MARILLION Marbles.
News : Iona / Sylvan / Farpoint / Rain For A Day / Vladimir Badirov / Vox Tempus / Unicorn records / Root

August 21th 2004 UPDATE

Have you noticed I have been added a question at the end of each review? I ask if you agree with my point of view or rating. Please let me know your personal points of view. Do you want to write your own reviews ? No problem, I'll be very happy to post them on this site. Four reviews and news this time. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: RAY WILSON The Next Best Thing - MANGROVE Touch Wood - ORPHAN PROJECT Orphan Found - NEW EDEN ORCHESTRA Anyman

July 29th 2004 UPDATE

Wow, only 12 days since the last update and I'm back with four new reviews. Maybe most of you are spending holidays somewhere but I hope you'll find the time to visit Tales Of Wonder. In Italy we reached 38 degrees last friday 25/07 and it was so hard to work this way. I wish everyone nice and relaxing holidays. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: APOCALYPSE Refugio - KAYAK Chance For A LiveTime - CLEARLAND Gift From Time - NUOVA ERA Io e il tempo
News : Camel.

July 17th 2004 UPDATE

Hi there, my summer holidays are gone and only a sweet memory left. Only ten days but during this period I missed at least two gigs I care for: the Prog festival in Voghera and the first Arcansiel gig after their reunion. Anyway, I hope to be luckier next time I spend my holidays. I also wrote at least eight cd reviews, but now you can read the first four with the english translation already done and my interview to Il Castello di Atlante (in italian). Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: SOLAR PROJECT Force Majeure - SILVER LINING The Inner Dragon - PILGRYM Pilgrimage - TIBET s/t
Interviews: Il Castello Di Atlante
News : Knight Area - Gong Festival - Pilgrym - Randone.

June 12th 2004 UPDATE

Hi there, finally it's holiday time for me and my family. I will be out from June 26th to July 11th, so I will answer to any e-mail when I come back. Inside my bags there will be also some cd's to listen to: the new effort from Solar Project, Silver Lining, Orphan Project, Pilgrym ... and, as always, some oldies (mmmhh I think Werwolf, Sandrose, Tibet, Terpandre). In the meantime, please read four new reviews. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: Il castello di atlante Quintessenza - ALKEMY Da 63 Projekt - VOX TEMPUS Demo - ASIA MINOR Between Flesh And Divine.
News about Voghera Prog Festival - Eyes Can't See - Timothy Pure - Colin Bass.

May 20th 2004 UPDATE

CD Reviews: Arcansiel "Swimming In The Sand" - Porcupine Tree "Stupid Dream" - Jack Foster III "Evolution Of Jazzraptor".
News about Razor Wire Shrine, Vox Tempus.

May 1st 2004 UPDATE

CD Reviews: Liquid Scarlet "s/t" - Wappa Gappa "Gappa" - Minimum Vital "Esprit D'Amor" - Ricocher "Cathedral Of Emotions"
News about Big Wave Fest, Gazpacho
Interviews: Walter Pini (Nuova Era)

April 14th 2004 UPDATE

CD Reviews: Knight Area "The Sun Also Rises" - Delusion "The Tragedy Of Regret" - Arcansiel "Still Searching" - Wheatstone Bridge "Demo"
News about Iq, Colin Bass

March 27th 2004 UPDATE

CD Reviews: Randone "Nuvole di ieri" - Big Big Train "Gathering Speed" - Gary Hughes "Once & Future King part II" - Daimonji "Improg"
News about "Prog Sud Festival", "Big Wave Fest" 2nd edition, Cross, Sylvan, Alkemy.
Interviews: Arcansiel

March 4th 2004 UPDATE

CD Reviews: Sonus Umbra "Spiritual Vertigo" - Kopecky "Sunset Gun" - Dream Theater "Train Of Thought".
News about Sylvan, Hubi Meisel, Upright.
Hall Of Fame: My 2003 prog favourites chart has changed: Act "Last Epic" has been replaced by Randone "Nuovole di ieri". I could listened to the new album of the italian artist a little in late and I decided it should have been included among my favourites. My review is scheduled for the next site update.

February 15th 2004 UPDATE

Editorial: The world is currently turning around the John Kerry's secret lover and the scandal (??!!??) of Janet Jackson (nobody had never seen a neked breast before ???). In the meantime George Bush is losing consents day by day among american people. Finally Italy goes on with a criminal prime minister. He leads the first party in Italy, one of the richest football team, three TV channels, some newspapers and the pubblicity. Please tell me if it's not a conflict of interests. I'd prefer to play cards with Spirit on Mars !!! Once more I'm happy to free my mind from TV news with music. Two cd reviews only this time (but next update will be richer), a new section (Hall Of Fame) added and a new interview to Taproban from Rome. Enjoy your stay !! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Etcetera "Tales Of Ardour & Deceit" - Music Station "Shaping"
News about The Rites Of Spring Festival.
Interviews: Taproban
Hall Of Fame: A new section featuring charts, favourite albums and so on. I started with my prog top ten of 2003 and some reader's charts. Read here..

January 28th 2004 UPDATE

Editorial: Hi there, let me start by saying I'm listening to very exciting albums these days and I'm more and more convinced that progressive rock is clearly growing up. The new works reviewed this time are a proof and the next ones will be a strong confirmation. I'm currently working on an article/interview about Arcansiel, the italian band just come back from ashes. Stay connected ! Enjoy your stay !! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Talisma "Corpus" - Us "Eamon's Day" - Opus Est "Opus I" - Kotebel "Fragments Of Light"
News about Big Big Train, Us, Colin Bass, Tiana Prog Festival, Upright

January 5th 2004 UPDATE

Editorial: I wish a wonderful 2004 to all of you !! Enjoy your stay !! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Satellite "A Street Between Sunset & Sunrise" - Jaime Rosas "Virgo" - Eden Rose "On The Way To Eden" - Sylvan "Artificial Paradise"
Interviews: Goran Fors of Galleon.
Please vote your ten favourite melodic/progressive rock albums of 2003. The most voted albums will be posted on these pages next January/February 2004. I'm also arranging a page dedicated to my favourite prog albums : it probably will be on line before the end of the year.