2006 November 27th - Michel St-Pere is the founder of one of the most active canadian label Unicorn Digital. I asked him some questions .....
2005 November 30th - The first Ramses singer Herbert Natho talks about the beginning years of one of the most important underground german band of the seventies.
2005 September 18th - French band NEMO has just reached the ambitious target of the first live album after three studio ones. In this interview JP Louveton sees where they stand now an talks about the next studio album.
2005 September 5th - This band from Salisbury (England) is out with a wonderful second album entitled "Mariner" (reviewed here). Read a brief and very quick speech I had with the band. Under the instrumental progressive rock flag ...
2005 June 4th - Just few days before the official release of "Surrevival", I asked some questions to Quidam's bassist Mariusz Ziolkowski. A new life for this band from Poland has just begun ....
2005 January 19th - Black Bonzo is a band from Sweden recently coming out with a wonderful eponymous debut album. I asked Niklas Ahlund (keyboards player) some questions about the album which I consider one of the most brilliant outings of 2004.
2004 October 2nd - Dutch band Us is going to release the third album. I asked some questions to Jos Werners, the bass, acoustic guitar player and main composer of the band.
2004 May 2nd - Thirty years old in 2004. An ambitious goal celebrated with a new album "Quintessenza". They talked to me of the past thirty years, the present and the future.
2004 April 17th - Walter Pini, keyboards player and leader of italian band Nuova Era, courtesly answers to some questions about the past, the present and the so uncertain future of his band.
2004 January 23th - I met Paolo Baltaro and we talked about the band reunion listening to the master cd of the new album called "Swimming In The Sand" which is going to be released very soon. In Italian...
2004 February 7th - The new album of this band from Rome is going to be released the first months of 2004. It will be entitled "Outside Nowhere" and I talked with them about it .
2003 December 27th - The new Galleon album "From Land To Ocean" has just come out and I talked about it with vocalist and bassist Goran Fohrs.
2003 October 1st - Finisterre's bassist and leader Fabio Zuffanti talks about the next Finisterre album and his solo projects (past and coming soon).
2003 September 21th - They're going to release their first official album "Il nuovo manuale dei piccoli discorsi". A bright future ahead !!
2003 September 16th - A new Musea symphonic prog band from Venezuela. The eponymous debut album is one of the best album of this year.
2003 July 08th - From Leicester (England) with wrath !! David Kendall answers to some questions about his latest double album "Resolution".
2003 January 23rd - He's an emerging italian artist who recently came out with a beautiful debut album called "Morte di un amore". Interview is in italian only at the moment, but an english translation will come very soon.
2002 November 27th - A brief speech with the trio from Israel to go into the high tensions in their country and their wonderful debut album. Two realities in opposition.
2002 August 23rd - Luis Nasser, Sonus Umbra's bassist and mind answers to some questions about the last album "Snapshots From Limbo" and the forthcoming new one scheduled for december 2002.
2002 June 5th - Andrč Neitzel, TP bassist and lyricist courtesly answers to some questions about  the last "Island Of The Misfit Toys" album and the future.

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