This is the last update of 2005: six new cd reviews and one interview. I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: readers, friends, labels, bands and artists. See you in 2006 ..... Luca
CD REVIEWS: PENDRAGON "Believe" - LIQUID SCARLET "II" - NOVEMBER "November" (demo) - FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE "We're Only In It For The Spacerock" - DRAHK VON TRIP "Heart & Consequence" - LEGER DE MAIN "A Lasting Impression".
NEWS: Novara Acoustic Rock, Day Shift.
INTERVIEW: Herbert Natho of RAMSES.


CD REVIEWS: MARCO GALLETTI "La luce che illumina i sogni" - EMERALD "Crown Of Creation" - VAN "I Fly" - METAGAIA "Phonogenix" - GAZPACHO "Firebird".
NEWS: Spaced Out - NoSound - Record Heaven/Transubstans


Today, 2005 November 6th, Tales Of Wonder celebrates 4 years of activity. 326 cd/dvd reviews, 9 gig reviews, 18 interviews, tons of news and some others articles. Many thanks to everyone who supported me during these wonderful years. Enjoy Your Stay !! Luca
CD REVIEWS: ARTI & MESTIERI "Estrazioni" - CAMEL "Footage" (DVD) - NIL "Nil Novo Sub Sole" - RING OF MYTH "Weeds" - SONIQ THEATER "Pandromania".
NEWS: Gazpacho, Tumulus, Violent Silence, Mirthrandir, Secret Saucer.


CD REVIEWS: DREAM THEATER "Octavarium" - NOSOUND "Sol29" - RANDONE "Hybla Act 1" - MAGIC PIE "Motions Of Desire" - TALISMA "Chromium" - SHOW-YEN "II".
NEWS: Record Heaven releases, Mangrove, Violent Silence, Arcansiel.
INTERVIEW: French band NEMO has just reached the ambitious target of the first live album after three studio ones. In this interview JP Louveton sees where they stand now an talks about the next studio album. Read...


Yes, you're right !! This new update took about one month to see the light. Anyway, five new reviews and one interview this time. Enjoy your stay !!!
CD REVIEWS: WILLOWGLASS "Willowglass" - DONOCKLEY & BAINBRIDGE "From Silence" - BLUE DRIFT "Mariner" - RPWL "God Has Failed" - RAMSES "La Leyla".
NEWS: Camel, Rhino Records, Colin Bass, Pylgrim, Liquid Scarlet, Nemo, Marco Galletti, Timothy Pure.
INTERVIEW: This band from Salisbury (England) called BLUE DRIFT is out with a wonderful second album entitled "Mariner" (reviewed here). Read a brief and very quick speech I had with the band. Under the instrumental progressive rock flag ...


This midsummer update will be recalled for the very first external contribution to the site. Thanks to Roberto who have sent his impressions about the Porcupine Tree gig in Rome. Of course I posted it on the "Gig Reviews" section and I hope to count on his precious points of view again in the future. Enjoy Your Stay ...
CD REVIEWS: SATELLITE " Evening Games" - LITTLE KING "Virus Divine" - CLEARLIGHT "Infinite Symphony " - PLACKBAND "After The Battle"
NEWS: Echolyn, Liquid Scarlet, Solstice Coil.
GALLERY: PORCUPINE TREE Live from Collegno (Torino).
GIG REVIEWS: PORCUPINE TREE - Collegno 25/07/2005 + Roma 24/07/2005 (by Roberto Vicini, in Italian only)

JULY 23th 2005 UPDATE

I'm back from my holidays time (always too short !!) with the terrible images coming from London always in my mind. Since the most "progressive" Intelligence (the british one) has been avoided, nobody can tell to live his life in security. Bush and Blair told us both the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions were necessary to stop terrorism and live without a daily fear. I can't count all the bombs, the criminal acts and the deads we have been experiencing since the beginning of the invasions, but I know they're more than ever. Who's next ? This is the disquieting question many people's asking himself ........ Some news and five cd reviews for you. Enjoy your "unsecured" stay !!
CD REVIEWS: QUIDAM "Surrevival" - HAMADRYAD "Safe In Conformity" - ARIES "Aries" - ARENA "Pepper's Ghost" - GROOVECTOR "Ultramarine"
NEWS: Nemo, Ring Of Myth, Riverside, Knight Area, Van, Nil.

JUNE 29th 2005 UPDATE

Dear readers, I will be out for a two weeks long holiday from july 2nd to july 16th. I will read/answer to any message when I come back home. In the meantime, please check out the latest news of the site below !!
CD REVIEWS: PORCUPINE TREE "Deadwing" - US "The Ghost Of Human Kindness" - RICOCHER "Chains".
NEWS: Talisma, Randone, Magic Pie, Landmarq, Sonus Umbra, Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge, Soniq Theater.
INTERVIEW: I'm really sorry for the delay in posting the interview to QUIDAM, but now you can read it to find what's new about the "surrevival" band from Poland.
GIG REVIEWS: Read my full report of the Gong Prog Festival in Italy, last June 12th . In Italian/English.
GALLERY: Lot of pictures taken from the Gong Festival (Lord Of Mushrooms, Plackband, Flamborough Head and Eclat). See ..

JUNE 4th 2005 UPDATE

CD REVIEWS: BROTHER APE On the Other Side - PANTOMMIND Shade Of Fate - LU7 L'esprit de l'exil - PARALLEL MIND Colossus Adea - R.E.T. The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel.
NEWS: Gong Festival / Raimundo Rodulfo / Landmarq / Progress Records / Nil

MAY 13th 2005 UPDATE

CD REVIEWS: FINISTERRE "La meccanica naturale" - ACOUSTIC ASTURIAS "Bird Eyes View" - EUTHANASIA "Requiem: Song For .." - TUMULUS "Winter Wood".
GIG REVIEW: IL CASTELLO DI ATLANTE - Busto Arsizio (Italy) 2005 March 18th
NEWS: Quidam / Colin Bass / Magenta / Brother Ape / La Torre dell'alchimista

APRIL 13th 2005 UPDATE

CD REVIEWS: AT WAR WITH SELF "Torn Between Dimensions" - MOONGARDEN "Round Midnight" - KARNATAKA "Delicate Flame Of Desire" - AGENESS "Imageness"
NEWS : Little King, Seven Reizh.

MARCH 24th 2005 UPDATE

CD REVIEWS: SALMON When The Dust Settles ... - TAPROBAN Inside Outside DVD - ASIA Silent Nation - NOVACT Tales From The Soul.
GALLERY: Ten pics taken during the Il Castello di Atlante warm-up gig before Baja Prog. A full report of Busto Arsizio concert will follow soon ....
NEWS : Prog'Sud, Stereokimono, Sonus Umbra.


CD REVIEWS: ROOT Illumination, MORIA FALLS The Long Goodbye, MOSTLY AUTUMN Passengers, DARE Beneath The Shining Water
NEWS : Knight Area, Nemo, Quidam, Unicorn Digital.


Hi there, I'm back with a new update featuring some news and four new cd reviews. I'm also working on a new graphic version of TOW; I haven't so much time to spend on it, so don't expect a radical change of face. Finally I will add a discussion forum where meeting and exchanging opinions. Enjoy your stay !! Luca
CD Reviews: BLACKFIELD s/t - MAGENTA Seven - HAPPY THE MAN The Muse Awakens - MARK KNOPFLER Shangri-La.
Hall Of Fame: My personal Top Ten charts from 2000 to 2003.
NEWS : Liquid Scarlet, Timothy Pure, Little King, Brother Ape.


CD Reviews: RETROHEADS Retrospective - KAOS MOON The Circle Of Madness - STEVE ADAMS Camera Obscura - QUIKION Ramadan
Interviews : Black Bonzo
Hall Of Fame: My top ten 2004
NEWS : Prog Aid - Sonus Umbra - Cross


Hi there, I should have posted my personal top ten 2004 but I couldn't keep the promise. Why? Because I'm still going to listen to some interesting outings of last year and, among them, there could be the one (ones) deserving to be included. I'm sorry for the delay. Next update, for sure. Anyway, read the 10 favs from an american visitor and four new cd reviews. Enjoy your stay. Luca
CD Reviews: NEMO Prélude à la ruine - VLADIMIR BADIROV PROJECT Greeting From Nostradamus - BANDVIVIL Junaokissei - AA.VV. Progression In Balance.
News : Root - Knight Area.