December 24th 2002 UPDATE

Changed look of the site using Macromedia Dreamweaver.
News: Camel, Colin Bass, Landmarq.
CD Reviews: Finisterre "In ogni luogo" - Nexus "Metanoia" - Quadraphonic "Il giorno sottile" - Vandenplas "Beyond Daylight" - King Of Hearts "s/t"

November 28th 2002 UPDATE

News: Caravan, Shakary and Mario Krag, Collage.
Interview: Trespass
CD Reviews: Magenta "Revolutions" - Blackmore's Night "Fires At Midnight" - Quidam "Baja prog, Live In Mexico '99" - AAVV "Pigs And Pyramids" - Nicola Randone "Morte di un amore" - Iluvatar "Children"

November 4th 2002 UPDATE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALES OF WONDER !!!!  1 year old, 111 cd reviews, 3 gig reviews, 2 interviews and 1533 visitors from 36 different countries. Go on this way....
News: Satellite, Neuschwanstein, La Maschera di cera, La zona, Camel
Trading: new sell/trade and wants cd lists.
CD Reviews: Shakary "The Last Summer" - Epidaurus "Earthly Paradise" - Marillion "Script For A Jester's Tear" - Alan Sorrenti "Aria" - Seven Reizh "Strinnkadden Ys'".

October 10th 2002 UPDATE

News: Finisterre, Great White, Artsruni.
Trading: new sell/trade and wants cd lists.
CD Reviews: Aton's "Capolinea" - La Tulipe Noire "Faded Leaves" - Fruitcake "Room For Surprise" - Robby Valentine "The Magic Infinity" - Rousseau "Flower In Asphalt" - Blind Fish "2000 Bbf".
New look of the site.
INTERVIEW: Sonus Umbra
NEW REVIEWS: Camel "A Nod And A Wink" - The Flower Kings "The Rainmaker" - Alquilbencil "From Serengheti To Taklamakan" - Thieves Kitchen "Argot" - Bertrand Loreau "Passe Compose" - Trespass "In Haze Of Time"-  Tea For Two "101" - Gerard "Sighs Of The Water" - Ange "Tome 87" - Artsruni "The Live Cuts 2000/2001" - Ficcion "Sobre el Abismo"
New look of the site. I used frames to improve page-loading. I hope you like the new dress !!!
GALLERY: Fish 1990 live pictures added.
NEW REVIEWS: Star One "Space Metal" - Artsruni "Cruzaid" - Flamborough Head "One For The Crow" - Sonus Umbra "Snapshot From Limbo"   - Htp "Hughes/Turner Project" - Osiris "Beyond Control Live" - Royal Hunt "The Mission" - Tired Tree "Changing Sides" - Farpoint "First Light" - Sinister Street "Trust".
Are you desperately looking for a cd ? Are you looking forward to sell those cd's you never liked ? Are you bored of them ? Well, now (in "Trading" section) there's a new web marketplace where you can buy, sell or do anything you want..Click here !!
The Polls section is back, at last. Vote your favourite prog rock band of all times. Another one coming soon....
Only small updates to Links and Trading sections.
New reviews: The Watch "Ghost" - Neuts "Sipty Of Kehm" - Anabis "Heaven On Earth" - Robert Berry "Pilgrimage To A Point" - Edgon Heath "Nebula" - Stereokimono "Ki" - Hostsonaten "Springsong"
It's a special day for me:  my second daughter Licia is born today (12/04/2002). Her cries are the sweetest music I listened to. You're welcome !!!
LINKS page added. Link to bands/artists, labels, web-sites, vendors and others.
POLLS: I took the polls page from the mený to rearrange it better. Coming back soon !
HALL OF FAME: the place where great artists and beautiful pieces of work are admitted only. In few words a list of the best albums of all times genre by genre. 


CD REVIEWS: QUIDAM "Quidam" - TEN "Far Beyond The World - NATHAN MAHL "The Clever Use of Shadow" - SOLARIS" The Martian Chronicles" - AMBEON "Fate Of A Dreamer" - JIMMY BARNES "Soul Deeper" - BIG BIG TRAIN "Bard" - KERRS PINK "Mellom Oss".


I moved site to another server (hope more efficient) but nothing else changed, address included.
Tales of Wonder will speak english much more  : each review will have an italian (in depth) and english (in brief) version.  Following this new way, I hope to catch the interest of more and more people.
CD REVIEWS: Silver, Clepsydra, Il castello di Atlante, Damian Wilson, Dare, Timothy Pure, Camel.


CD REVIEWS: Camel, Pendragon, Ark, Michael Morales, Bozzio/Levin/Stevens, Ayreon, Arena, Michael Sciuto, Pallas
TRADING: "Wants" list, my Cd collection and Traders list updated.
GUESTBOOK: Andrew Latimer (Camel), Steve Leigh + Uwe D'Rose (Landmarq) and Martin Orford (Iq) recently signed it. I'm very proud of your visit.
TOP CD: L.A. Cowboys, Landmarq, Foxtrot,  and Collage reviews in depth added. 


POLLS: now it works. Vote ! Vote! Vote!
GUESTBOOK added. Please leave your messages !!


TALES OF WONDER  is on line today for the first time, so everything is new. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!