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Timothy Pure is absolutely my favourite progressive band from USA at the moment. Their music is a  mixture of sweet atmospheres and fine prog passages. The last album "The Island Of The Misfit Toys" (2000) is something more than a prog album: music and words seem to tell us a story you never would be over. The following is a brief e-mail interview to TP's bassist and lyricist Andre' Neitzel:

Hello Andrè. First of all, how can you describe Timothy Pure's music ?
I think of the music in terms of creating moods..tension, release, rising and falling.

I think your last album "I.O.M.T." is really exciting. Can you tell me the way your compositions take shape?
Sometimes I have lyrics and if I have no musical ideas I give them to Matt. Most of the time he is able to write music that works with the words.  I also will give Zod lyrics, so the music has each person's influence. This happens 50% of the time.. The other 50% Matt gives me a melody to listen to and I write around the music or re-write older lyrics that I have not used.  So I make them fit into the new creative.

I read on your official site you're arranging the new album going to be released very soon. I think you found your own trademark sound with "Blood Of The Berry" and you improved it with "The Island Of The Misfit Toys": will the next one go on the same way or not ?
At the moment, we have about 8 songs written.  It will be yet another concept album.  So, there will be a familiar sound and since I write the words, the flavour will remain from the same twisted mind;-)..but no I don't want to repeat the last 2 CDs.  I really thought of not writing another concept album, but I had a story that I wanted to tell.  We also have material for a CD beyond this next one..which I promise will not be a concept;-) But back to the new CD..There will be surprises in it.  More varied instrumentation.  Actually I think the words/lyrics will be more simple, but don't worry no clichés.  Some of the titles from the next CD are "Bones of Ghosts", Sometimes You Hear the Bullet", "Bliss", "A Desert Prayer", "Meltdown" and "Trembling Hill"..

Let's talk about your debut album. I've never had the chance to listen to it: sooner or later will it be reprinted ?
No, it won't be reprinted..unless we sell a million records and the demand is so great..;-)..It was a different band and different time.  More of a sampler.  We re-recorded some of the songs from that CD on the last 2 CDs. Think about some of your early school work or if you are a writer, some of your earliest works..perhaps you prefer to keep them in a box somewhere! That's how we feel

Which are your progressive favourite artists ? And bass players ?
Probably Peter Gabriel, brilliant lyricist.  I don't really have favorite bassists.  There are many great ones.  I do like the idea of the bass
being more than bottom end..using it to create melodies

I know you toured across Europe last April/May (Holland and Germany). Was it the first time for you in Europe? What about the european fans feedback?
Well it's been very good..This is why we focus on the European fans.  They are very supportive.  They are passionate.

What about cd sales statistics ? Are you satisfied ? Which country did you sell more copies till now ?
The most CDs are sold in The Netherlands and Germany.  We unfortunately haven't had distribution in Italy.  We hope Sysyphus (who we signed a licensing deal with) can help with that. We've sold about 10000 of "Island.."

Is it harder for a progressive band to catch a wide audience in the USA?
Yes.  It's not cool/hip enough..which may be a problem worldwide..it reaches the 40 men very well!;-)..but not so much for the younger listeners.. But I think it's also the music's fault.  Many bands are just repeating what was done in the 70's.  I think many progressive bands lack creativity and just want to demonstrate their technical ability.  It's very cold.  What many people don't realize is, it is not difficult to write a song with 6 time changes.  If it enhances a song ok, but if it BECOMES the song then it's not very interesting to me.  But again, our approach is that we are trying to tell a story..so the music is there to help create the tone and mood..which we try to do in a more subtle way.

May I live in the hope to see you live in Italy ? Have you ever been in my country ?
I/We have never been to Italy, but I will be going.  Hopefully for a tour. I also may go for vacation. I think I need one soon!

Thanks for your kindness, Andrè.

Thank you Luca for you questions and interest.  The best feeling is to have something that we create touch you on a deeper level. That is the definition of success for me!

Luca Alberici