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Trespass is a three-piece from Israel: : Gil Stein (keys, vocals and some guitar parts), Gabriel Weissman (drums) and Roy Bar-tour (bass). They recorded a wonderful debut album in 2002 for Musea records entitled "In Haze Of Time" very well reviewed by several internet magazines (including Tales Of Wonder, of course…read here). The following is the result of a e-mail interview with the band:

First of all let me tell you that your album really took my breath away and it's currently one of my 5 favourite albums of this year. .
Thank you very much , we are happy to know that people enjoy our music.

As I wrote in my review, TV news have been reporting for several weeks about the dramatic situation in your country. It must not be easy to live in Jerusalem right now for the fear of taking the wrong bus or being in the wrong place. How are you living this situation and what's your point of view ??
The situation is indeed quite sad and although the life in Jerusalem and our area is quite tense we concentrate on our music and our artistic work . Personally we wish that there will be more understanding and tolerance in all part of life between all the area residents in order to stop the violence.

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel for your country?
Of course we do , there is no other choice.

Now let's talk about music: how about the name Trespass ? Progressive fans immediately thought of Genesis, you know ?
We aware of the fact that progressive fans are contacting our name with the Genesis album ,actually our name means "Three steps" in latin (tress passus) and we think the words meaning in English says something about our music…

Listening to your songs and watching the cd cover I supposed that live dimension must be your favourite. Is it ? Are the seven tracks the result of a jam-session or not ?
You are quite right live dimension is our favorite,we improvise a lot in our concerts trying to take our music a step - forwards considering energies expressions and emotions....For a matter affect the album recordings is based on live sessions . The tracks are a kind of mixture of some absolutely written themes and jam sessions.

In haze of time includes songs with such different styles. If you think it's possible, how would you describe your music ?
When we are creating our music we are generally flowing with our emotions and the result is a tapestry Which contains all of our musical background and our abilities , If we would have to define it , we think we could describe it as a mixture of classical music ,jazz and folk.

How much progressive rock belongs to your musical background ?
In our case that’s an interesting question , Gabriel and Roy were acquainted to 70's progressive rock. Listening to bands such as Yes, ELP ,Gentle giant, Jethro tull etc' while Gil was not exposed almost at all to that kind of music. Gil has a classical and folk background and for him our music was a natural creativity of his musicianship .

What about israelan music scene ? Are you close to any band from your country ?
There are few more progressive rock bands in Israel but generally we feel quite far from the Israeli mainstream music scene.

I noticed you haven't a website at the moment. Don't you think it's essential in the 21 century ? Are you planning to build a site?
Due to the "pressures" of the 21 century we're happy to present you our website which its address is:  Now seriously …..we were quite occupied with working on our music that we didn’t have the chance to pay our attention to it …anyhow now it is done.

Are you working on your next album ? Are any live shows scheduled ?
At the moment we are currently working on our next album , Beside regular performances in Israel we will perform at Baya prog festival 3/2003 and in Interfest festival in 5/2003. In these days we are in contact with few festival organizers in order to set up a tour in Europe and the USA.

Recently, what's the compact disc permanently inside of your cd-recorder that you're loving most ?
You'll find it funny but we didn’t have the chance to listen seriously to music in the past few years ,due to our intense work.

Thank you Trespass.

Luca Alberici