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First of all: how could you describe your music and why the readers should buy your albums ?
Root is a mix of all the classic progressive music I have listened to over the years (RUSH, YES , KANSAS, GENESIS, IT BITES, MARILLION, PINK FLOYD, DREAM THEATER, SPOCKS BEARD, SAGA, STARCASTLE, PETER GABRIEL, ROGER WATERS etc) with the addition of a commercial twist of big melodic parts and chorus's (influenced by STYX, JELLYFISH etc). I want my music to feel natural - everything in the right place with no jarring moments. Tempo and dynamic changes happening smoothly and at the right moment to carry you along or lift you.

Is it a free choice to self-produce your albums or you never received a good deal proposal ?
When I started recording my albums I wanted to see how much I could do by myself. So it seemed natural to sell and promote my albums too. As each album has been released word has spread further around the world. I guess I will eventually seek outside help, but at the moment things are moving at a pace that gives my music time to grow.

Ok, let's talk about "Resolution": I wrote that a double album usually hides some dangers: why this ambitious choice ?
Resolution is the result of losing a lot of recording work done for the follow up to my previous album POLES APART due to a technical problem. Having to start from scratch, I wrote a new album of songs and began recording Resolution. I kept playing songs from the lost album and believed that they fitted with the spirit of the new songs and did not want them to be left behind. So eventually the album became too long for a single album.

Let's take "Jubal" and "Flying Blind" which I consider the two opposites of your music: stronger and more prog-metal oriented the first one, the second one with a more commercial appeal and a catchy chorus. The rest is a middle course. Do you agree ?
Yes, that's fair. There are two main parts to my approach; the songwriter wanting to create memorable songs that mean something to people and the musician wanting to challenge with harder edged music. A constant battle between the two.

I still haven't had the chance to listen to you previous albums and I think I will fill the gap very soon. Which are the main differences between them and "Resolution"?
My first album Dreams of Green is an innocent attempt at creating progressive music.
My second Follow the Dawn is a much more ambitious step built on the confidence gained by the reaction to my first. Establishing my own identity.
My third Poles Apart had the songwriter in me taking over and the arrangements mostly being simpler.
With Resolution I am much happier with the balance between the two sides. I feel it gives much more depth to the music to have the sweet and heavy/complex songs living together on one album. Giving as much time over to instrumental passages as the lyrical parts.

I presume every polystrumentist has his first love. What's yours ?
Guitar - seeing Alex Lifeson in concert in 1978 decided that for me.

What about live gigs ? Have you more than two hands? Do I have to move to Leicester to see you playing live?
No live gigs, yet. It has taken all my energy so far to write and record, but that must happen in the near future.

Can You tell me your favourite 5 albums of all times ?
That is such a hard question. At this moment I would say: Yessongs, Two for the Show-Kansas, 2112-Rush, (these three have been with me for a long time) Scenes..-Dream Theater and Wish you were here-Floyd. If I could have six then it would be A Trick of the Tail-Genesis. I would be lost without my whole collection though.

My deep congratulations: very good job and thanks for your kindness, David !!
Thank you Luca, good luck with Tales of Wonder.

Luca Alberici