December 24th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: As I promised, I'm back shortly after the last update with three cd reviews, news and my best wishes of Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you !! . Enjoy your stay!! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Product "Aire" - Mostly Autumn "The Lord Of The Rings" - Domenico Solazzo "Carpigstroke"

December 08th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial:I will probably abandon the monthly updates in order to give more continuity. Smaller but more frequent updates from now on!! . Enjoy your stay!! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Taproban "Outside Nowhere" - Galleon "From Land To Ocean" - RH Factor "s/t" - Arcansiel "Four Daisies" - Tripod "s/t"
A new section added ! Deepenings will contain articles about musical styles, scenes and artist profiles. I started with an old article (about cd's prices) I wrote for a local newspaper in 1996 (in italian only, I'm sorry !)

November 14th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: Last November 6th was Tales Of Wonder's second birthday. Wow, two years spent writing about melodic and progressive rock with deep passion. I'm father of two daughters and everyone can imagine how much time and attentions they need every day. Besides I have my job of course...My so restricted free time is entirely dedicated to this site and some sports. The report of these TOW first two years is the following: 190 cd reviews, 4 gig reviews, 8 interviews...... 3190 visitors with an average of four contacts every day. 2002 April 9th has been the day with more visitors (23 contacts) and August 2002 the highest month (164 contacts). I thought this was the right time to ask what do you think about this site, so please give TOW your rating by using the voting box on your right. If you also want to explain to me why you'll give me a bad rating, please e-mail me and it will be strongly appreciated: it could be the greatest help for me. Thank you very much to all of you. Enjoy your stay!! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews:Martigan "Man Of The Moment" - Mark Knopfler "The Ragpicker's Dream" - Soniq Theater "The Third Eye" - Gary Hughes "Once and Future King" - Akacia "An Other Life" - Thieves' Kitchen "Shibboleth" - Joe Satriani "Strange Beautiful Music" - Metallica "St. Anger".
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October 14th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: Hi there !! This is probably the richest site update of its history: 8 cd reviews, a gig review, new live pictures and 3 (read three) interviews. I'm tired but really happy ! My wife less. So I thought I absolutely need someone who wants to help me writing reviews. Please let me know if you want to start any kind of collaboration, I'm sure the site could grow up more and more !! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Quidam "The Time Beneath The Sky" - The Lens "A Word In Your Eye" - Roz Vitalis "Painsadist" - Special Experiment "Fortune Memories" - Cartoon "Bigorna" - KBB "Four Corner's Sky" - Heon "Electro-acoustic Requiem" - Mystere De Notre Dame "s/t"
Concerts: Big Wave fest with Distillerie di Malto, Stereokimono, Finisterre. The full report...
Gallery: Some pics of Distillerie di Malto, Finisterre and Stereokimono from "Big Wave Fest" Vercelli 21/09/03
Interviews: Rc2, Fabio Zuffanti (Finisterre), Distillerie di malto.

September 16th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: Hi there !! Tales Of Wonder is mainly based on reviews, you know. In order to increase their number I had two possibilities: I could find a partner helping me (i'm very jelous of my creature but I'm seriously thinking about it) or I could introduce the so-called "short reviews" section, a brief but quite detailed comment (no more than 8-9 lines) of those records not deserving a deeper one. This doesn't mean bad albums will be shortly reviewed only. Not always it needs to go deeper and deeper, it's often enough an exaustive but brief introduction to some records. Six reviews only this time, much more next update (The Lens, Roz Vitalis, Quidam, Special Experiment, Arcansiel, Cartoon, Kbb, Martigan and some others). I'm also arranging a small interview to RC2 from Venezuela. Enjoy your stay !! Luca Alberici
CD Reviews: Camel "Curriculum Vitae" DVD - Addison Project "Mood Swings" - Act "Last Epic" - Blackmore's Night "Past Times With Good Company" - Folque "Vardoger" - John Wetton "Rock Of Faith".

August 18th 2003 UPDATE

CD Reviews: RC2 "Same" - Tony Carnevale "Live-Rock Synphonic Concert" - Mythologic "Standing In Stillness" - Flyte "Dawn Dancer" - Warlord "Rising Out Of The Ashes"- Van & Borner "Miracle" (promo cd)

July 13th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: During my summer holydays I usually like listening prog classics of my collection. It happened this time too. Also for this reason you can find seven reviews, three of them regarding really great old albums that I loved very very much. This new update is certainly ruled by a new personal great discovery: Root. You can find the last album reviewed and a small interview to David Kendall. Proggy regards Luca Alberici 
Sell/Trade list updated.
Interview: Root
CD Reviews: Root "Resolution" - Anyone's Daughter "Adonis" - Fish "Fellini Days" - Peter Gabriel "Up" - Novalis "Banished Bridge"/"s/t" - Raimundo Rodulfo "To Live A Dream"

June 14th 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: I've always updated the site every month till now. This is the first time I'm a little in late due to a very busy period for me. The second reason is that I changed the look of the site (again ??!!?? ...you're thinking of for sure). Yes, again but I think it's the last time and the next ones will be only small changes. Unfortunately not all the sections have already the new dress: it's a long and hard job and it needs more time. Anyway I hope you'll like it !!I've just read Fish will play live in Genova next June 21th. He will be supported by La Maschera di Cera. It will be certainly a great gig but unfortunately the same day I will leave for my summer holydays. AAAHHHHHHH !! I will answer to any e-mails sent from 21/6/03 to 05/07/03 when I come back. Proggy regards Luca Alberici 
Sell/Trade list updated.
CD Reviews: Jack Yello "Thorns Of Anger" - Farpoint "Grace" - Kerrs Pink "Tidings" - Metaconciencia "Bestiario" - Abel Ganz "Gratuitous Flash" - Colin Bass "In The Meantime".

May 3rd 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: The war is finally over (but it shouldn't have never begun !!) and I'm listening to some interesting albums like "Thorns Of Anger" by Jack Yello, "To Live A Dream" by Raimundo Rodulfo, "Grace" by Farpoint, "Bestiario" by Metaconciencia. In this May update you'll only find some new review. I'm working hard on a new version of the site. It never stands still!! Luca Alberici 
Sell/Trade list updated.
CD Reviews: Spektrum "s/t" - Clepsydra "Alone" - Arena "Contagion" - Porcupine Tree "In Absentia" - Deyss "At King" - Asia "Aura" - Bacamarte "Depois do fim".

April 3rd 2003 UPDATE

Editorial: Dear friends, from the current TOW update on, I will write some lines about things regarding music and beyond. About fifteen days of war have already gone. I must confess that I had hoped in a diplomatic resolution. I've always been, I am and I will always be for peace but it's not the actual reason why I never shared the angloamerican decision to invade Iraq. Several wars have been already fought in different parts of the world so I can't think of a future without wars. It's really impossible until human being will populate world, until economic interests will rule the world. Right wars don't exist, but some are necessary. This one wasn't neither right nor necessary......How Bush may think that terrorism will be defeated with the fall of Saddam Hussein ?? How much will be the human (and innocent) sacrifice ? It's only because Bush couldn't kill Bin Laden? How much of politic is this war? Please stop this massacre before it's too late !!! Now let's talk about music: I'm listening to the brand new albums of Arena, Porcupine Tree and (a little bit in late) Clepsydra and Asia. I thought to be in time to post the reviews in the current update, but I preferred to listen to them deeper and deeper. Please wait for the next April/May update. Enjoy your stay !! Luca Alberici
News: Spaced Out, Camel, Farpoint, Heon.
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HALL OF FAME section is temporarily under reconstruction. Next month it will be available again more useful and complete. My favourite albums of all times will be divided both by genres and by release date.
CD Reviews: Raimundo Rodulfo "The Dreams Concerto" - Loverboy "Live, Loud and Loose" - Conscience "Bereavement Before Dawn" - Nolan/Wakeman "Hound Of The Baskervilles" - Silver "Dream Machines" - Wurtemberg "Rock Fantasia Opus 9".

February 28th 2003 UPDATE

News: Spektrum, Sublime label, Camel, Caravan and Conscience
CD Reviews: Pain Of Salvation "Remedy Lane" - Gratto "Anakin Tumnus " - Abraxas "99" - Geoff Tate "s/t" - Rousseau "At The Cinema" - Xinema "Different Ways" - Colt "From The Fridge".

January 27th 2003 UPDATE

Interview: Nicola Randone
CD Reviews: Damian Wilson "Live In Rehearsal" - Harem Scarem "Weight Of The World" - Great White "The Final Cuts" - Final Conflict "Stand Up" - Scorpions "Taken By Force".