Progressive rock band SATELLITE revealed the final version of the front cover of their forthcoming album "Into The Night". The new material will be released by Metal Mind Productions on the 19th November 2007 in Europe and on the 8th January 2008 in the USA (via MVD) in two versions: as a standard CD and as a digipak CD edition including additional bonus tracks.

1. Into The Night
2. Dreams
3. Downtown Skyline
4. Lights
5. Don't Go Away In Silence
6. Heaven Can Wait
7. Forgiven And Forgotten

Bonus tracks (available only on the digipak edition (MMP CD 0560 DG):

8. Around The World
9. Time Stands Still

"Into The Night" is the final chapter of the trilogy initiated in 2003 by "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" and followed by "Evening Games" in 2005.

Patrick Bourque



It is with great sadness that we learned that Mystery bass player Patrick Bourque died at his home in Canada. Our prayers go to his family and friends. Patrick joined Mystery in 1995 and played on the 3 last albums. Patrick was also part of the very successful Country Rock band Emerson Drive and has been living in Nashville Tennessee until he left ED and moved back to Canada last august.

É nata una nuova divisione di MY KINGDOM MUSIC. Si chiama NEW DAWN series ed includerà uscite di giovani bands e non con grande talento che meritano la vostra attenzione e di cui si sentirà sicuramente parlare a breve. Vi presentiamo le prime bands a far parte di questa divisione le cui uscite sono tutte previste per il mese di settembre. Iniziamo dagli ORIENT EXPRESS con il loro album di debutto "Illusion" che unisce momenti ipnotici a riffs graffianti e a melodie davvero ispirate, in uno stile molto vicino allo spirito di bands come MOTORPSYCHO, GOD MACHINE; altro viaggio è quello che ci presentano i torinesi ROSA ANTICA con "Seven" una disarmante ma allo stesso tempo alternativa aggressione sonora fatta di Death Metal, Crossover e momenti Psichedelici con punti di riferimento come System Of A Down, Mastodon, Pantera; volti noti invece sono gli SHIVAN che ritornano sulle scene con "When Wishes Sicken", un grande ritorno in Dark Gothic style vicino a Moonspell e Paradise Lost. Perciò preparatevi ad una cascata di Dark sound. Si passa poi a lidi più consoni alle sonorità My Kingdom Music con gli OBLIVIO ed il loro "Dreams Are Distant Memories". Romani come Novembre e Klimt 1918, proprio a loro possono essere accostati grazie ad un suono etereo e sognante molto Post-Rock e Dark Gothic. Assolutamente scioccanti e sensazionali sono i veneti AND HARMONY DIES che con il loro "Flames Everywhere" propongono un'eclettica e Avantgardish forma d'arte diabolica e destabilizzante capace di miscelare in un unico capolavoro bands del calibro di ARCTURUS, DEVIL DOLL, LIMBONIC ART e CRADLE OF FILTH. Sempre a settembre vedrà inoltre la luce il debutto dei romani THE SUN OF WEAKNESS che vi lascierà senza parole. "Trompe L'Oeil", questo il titolo, si annuncia come un decadente, liquido, malinconico "spleen" pieno di pathos che attinge a bands come NOVEMBRE, A PERFECT CIRCLE, KATATONIA, ANATHEMA, TOOL. Di sicuro uno degli album più decadenti dell'anno.
- Maggiori informazioni su

BEARDFISH' two first albums have been out of print for awhile, but is now to be re-released on Progress Records. Their first work, "Från en plats du ej kan se" (From a place you can not see) will be released as a remastered version incl. two bonus tracks and enhanced booklet. Their second album, the 2CD masterpiece "The Sane Day", will come with an enhanced booklet. To be released on October 12.

SONIQ CIRCUS debut album to be released on Progress Records on September 28th.
Soniq Circus’ self titled debut album is a melodic and energetic statement over seven compositions from a new progressive outfit. Drummer Christer Ugglin’s metal influenced style and Markus Nilsson rock solid bass playing provides a foundation for Mathias Beckius' vintage keyboard sounds, Marcus Enochsson's melodic guitar playing and Calle Lennartsson's expressive rock voice. The result brings many different associations to mind, such as Genesis, King Crimson and Yes but also City Boy, A.C.T, Beardfish and Saga.

For more info, please visit: or

MAGIC PIE LIVE - Free downloads
Watch Magic Pie perform "Trick of the mind" (22 min) and "Freakshow" (7 min) from the Circus of life release show.
For a month you can now download these - for free - at:

TIMOTHY PURE are in the middle of recording guitar tracks for the long awaiting new album "Bones of Ghosts". The drums/percussion is complete. They also would like to invite everyone to to more regular updates, including, yes, a sample demo of one of the tracks from "Bones of Ghosts". Keep in mind only the drums are final on the demo, all other instrumentation, including vocals that you hear on the myspace site are just recorded as a template to record the drums. In other words, the demo is very rough!



Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that HAMADRYAD will be opening for Deep Purple at the Bell centre in Montreal, Saturday July 28th and at the Pavillon de la Jeunesse on Sunday July 29th

HAMADRYAD who has just released their first Live cd on the 24th of June will also be playing at Le Festival des Musiques Progressives de Montreal FMPM that will be held on the 15th and 16th of September in Montreal, at the Prog-Resiste Convention in Belgium on the 13th and 14th of October and at the ProgtoberFest in Ottawa Ontario on the 20th of October. Please note that the work for the third hamadryad studio album has already begun. More details and a release date and will be announce shortly.


GRAVEYARD is at the moment in the final stages of finishing their upcomming (august) debut album on Transubstans. “Last Supper” (Trans028) will offer some very fine heavy psychedelic 70’s influenced hardrock. All topped with a amazing cover. An american licenced version will be made by TeePee Records.

BURNING SAVIOUS ,another great doomy 70’s hardrock band, has signed a contract with Transubstans and will release an album (TBA ,Trans033) during the autumn. They previous release a cd on swedish I hate Records as well as a split ep on Rise Above. Expect some amazine music in the vein of early PENTAGRAM, early BLACK SABBATH and JETHRO TULL!

ÖRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE our hard working space-collective will release their third album “The Black Tomato” (trans032) in august as well. 3 long songs so there will be plenty of spacerock for the money.

The following re-issues are in the works: ÄNGLABARN – S/T (trans016), TASTE OF BLUES – Schizophrenia (Trans027) and now updated to a two 2-CD RÄVJUNK – Uppsala stadshotell brinner (Trans029) which will include a 20 minute bonus on cd1 and the complete cd2 is pure bonus from the archives. All three have been remastered and we’re finishing the extensive booklets right now. First will hopefully be out in a month. Tasters will be uploaded on the RECORD HEAVEN site as well as our myspace in about 3 weeks.

THE GRAND TRICK have two new members in Kalle Sellbrink on vocals and Tobias Bergström on guitar. A new song with this new setting will soon be presented on the myspace. The band is currently setting up dates for a upcomming tour in europe and possibly a trip to the states. Any interested places can contact the band directly at:

To keep you away from the dangerous sun GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA decided to make up a small competition with some rare and deleted merchandise/music. So go to and see what goodies can be accuired answering a few “simple” questions.

Some other upcomming cds with no dates confirmed is BLAND BLADEN (trans030) Ambient spacerock with members of ÖSC as well as the long awaited follow up from uk’s PILGRYM (Trans034) but more about those later on as things develops.

Finally Transubstans have singed a contract with SOUND FORGE MUSIC GROUP who from now on will handle the distribution on the greek market for us.

Upcomming gigs: The GRAND TRICK plays at Rock City in Gothenburg (Swe) 2007-06-27



Best selling Unicorn Digital Artist HAMADRYAD is back with its first live CD recorded live during their 2006 appearance at the Crescendo Festival in France. The new live CD produced by Michel St-Pere and HAMADRYAD contains 12 songs from 2001 world acclaimed first CD "Conservation of Mass" and 2005 follow up "Safe in Conformity". A total of 77 minutes of music that will make you feel the power and magic of the HAMADRYAD live experience.

Available June 24th 2007


Fabio Zuffanti (Finisterre, la Maschera Di Cera, laZona, Hostsonaten and many others) is back with his own first solo album (it's An EP) called "Pioggia e luce".

“Pioggia e luce EP” comes out under the Marsiglia records label ( You can download the whole stuff at he following address


KNIGHT AREA's new album "Under A New Sign" is out now !!! You can buy the album at:


PILGRYM are still here and will release their second album - 'GREAT DIVIDE' In the autumn of this year (2007) - Probably September - on RECORD HEAVENS Transubstance label. It will be in full digipack format.
In the meantime they are releasing a special edition EP CD featuring new members Steve Watts - ex Demon Keyboard player - who has re-recorded some of the keyboard parts on various tracks included on the EP plus local multi instrumentalist Creedy on bass. The EP will also feature unreleased and re-recorded/re-mixed tracks - nearly 30 minutes in all. A percentage of which will go directly to the World Aid Organisation UNICEF. The EP is available exclusivly from HOLYGROUND RECORDS price £4.99 plus P&P via PayPAl or GEM personal cheque. Just follow the link below.


The forthcoming album "The Thrill of nothingness" is once again postponed. The reason is that band leader Hansi Cross suffers from a sudden impairment of hearing. At this point the doctors can not tell if it will become better, or if it is a permanent condition

A new ARPIA videoclip of "Monsieur Verdoux" is available. Click the following link to watch it !!

Sabato 26 maggio 2007 alle ore 21,30, presso il Teatro Affabulazione in Piazza M.V. Agrippa 7h Lido di Ostia (RM), si terrà lo spettacolo-concerto degli ARPIA dal titolo "Terramare". Si tratterà di una rappresentazione in cui le contaminazioni tra la musica e il teatro vedranno un allestimento particolare e suggestivo sul tema dell'eros a partire da un monologo originale recitato dalla cantante-attrice Paola Feraiorni e dalle tracce musicali tratte dall'ultimo CD degli ARPIA "Terramare".
L'esibizione avverrà in contemporanea ad una esposizione pittorica di ETTORE FRANI autore dell'artwork del disco e alla proiezione integrale del video "Monsieur Verdoux" opera della video artista Maria Pizzi vincitrice del premio Achille Bonito Oliva 2006.


NEO represents the coming together of the giants of British Neo Progressive Rock - Mark Westwood (the Martin Orford Band), Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland), John Jowitt (IQ, Jadis) and Andy Edwards (IQ).
"Broadcast" concert filmed at the beautiful Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice showcases some of the greatest tracks from IQ, Pendragon, Pallas, Arena, Nolan/Wakeman and more, played and performed as you have never seen them before. This DVD is a must have for fans of these great bands, or as an introduction to them all. Superb musicianship and an awful lot of fun! As Clive Nolan comments, NEO's main aim was to "try and brake some new frontiers (…) and to represent these bands and so to get the people who haven't seen them to get an idea what they're about."
The gig featured a guest appearance of two other eminent prog-rock figures: Pendragon's vocalist/guitarist Nick Barrett and Pallas' vocalist Alan Reed.

The DVD includes an interview with John Jowitt and Clive Nolan, as also bonus video footage from the band's soundcheck at ROSfest. Also available in a limited swing case edition, with a bonus CD with songs recorded at the concert!

John Jowitt - bass guitar, vocals
Mark Westwood - guitar
Andy Edwards - drums
Clive Nolan - keyboards, vocals
Nick Barrett - guitar, vocals
Alan Reed - vocals
John Barnfield - keyboards


1. Overture
2. Erosion
3. For the Greater Glory
4. Hide and Seek
5. Crown of Thorns
6. The Hanging Tree
7. The Enemy Smacks (End Section)
8. Mindgames
9. Outer Limits
10. Shadows of Fate
11. Paintbox
12. Masters of Illusion
13. Nostradamus

CD (only available in limited swing case edition!)
1. Overture
2. Erosion
3. For the Greater Glory
4. Hide and Seek
5. Crown of Thorns
6. The Hanging Tree
7. The Enemy Smacks (End Section)
8. Mindgames
9. Outer Limits
10. Shadows of Fate
11. Paintbox
12. Nostradamus

Bonus video:
Interview with John Jowitt and Clive Nolan
NEO soundcheck ROSfest 2006

Also includes:
- Photo gallery
- Band member profiles
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound

Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the release of The Jewel, PENDRAGON members past and present reunited and came together to play a very special concert in Katowice, Poland. The fun and excitement at this incredible concert is obvious when you watch it, it is contagious and it gives you a terrific insight as to how Pendragon have remained so very popular with fans and musicians alike for over 21 years. On this very special occasion, the band decided to present a very special setlist, including songs from the band's classic debut "The Jewel" (like the timeless "Alaska", "Leviathan", and "The Black Knight"), but also several other classics back from the Marquee Club days (like "Fly High Fall Far" or "Victims of Life") plus a few other surprises. Get ready for nearly 2 hours of some of the best music that the neo?progressive genre has to offer!

The DVD is enhanced with an interview with Nick Barret and John Barnfield, "Behind the Scenes" bonus video footage and more! Also available in a limited digipack edition, including 2 CDs with songs recorded at the concert!

Nick Barrett - vocals, guitar
Clive Nolan - keyboards, backing vocals
Peter Gee - bass, backing vocals
Rik Carter - keyboards, backing vocals
Julian Baker - saxophone, guitar, backing vocals
John Barnfield - keyboards
Joe Crabtree - drums

Release date: 16.04.2007 (Europe), 24.04.2007 (US)


1. Higher Circles
2. The Pleasure of Hope
3. Leviathan
4. Victims of Life
5. Armageddon
6. Fly High Fall Far
7. Excalibur
8. Please
9. Oh Divineo
10. Alaska
11. Dark Summer's Day
12. Circus
13. The Black Knight
14. 2AM
15. Stan and Ollie

CDs (only available in limited swing case edition)

1. Higher Circles
2. The Pleasure of Hope
3. Leviathan
4. Victims of Life
5. Armageddon
6. Fly High Fall Far
7. Excalibur
8. Please
9. Oh Divineo

1. Alaska
2. Dark Summer's Day
3. Circus
4. The Black Knight
5. 2AM
6. Stan and Ollie

Bonus video:
Interview with Nick Barrett and John Barnfield
Behind the Scenes
Nigel Harris on drums at Riffs Bar, UK, 28th Oct 2006

Also includes:
- Photo gallery
- Biography
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound


In the seventies, musicians had basically free range to rehearse and record whenever their muse tapped their shoulder to dance. Today's artists suffer from the restricting ticking of corporate wrist watches as they try in vain to create and develop something good while working in an over turned hourglass. The end result is usually always the same, a paper thin product with all the memorable qualities of a roadside meal.

Terry Sullivan from the brilliant seventies band, Renaissance knows what the freedom of those golden days were like and took his time recording his first solo record, "South of Winter". Those of you familiar with the music of Renaissance know the meticulous structure and grace of their songs. This trademark commitment to perfection defined them as one of the forerunners of progressive music. From the resonating opening notes of the perfectly titled opener, "Carry Me Home" into the lush verse and chorus it becomes apparent that this dedication to strive for perfection has not been diminished over the years.

Knowing this was to be his most personal project he enlisted the people dearest to him. Terry assembled a close circle of family and friends including his wife Christine on vocals and the magnificent John Tout of Renaissance fame, not just reliving but reviving his legendary keyboard work. This results in a familiar and welcomed homecoming of sorts for the listener, leaving them wrapped in a blanket of their fondest memories.

Christine Sullivan's soothing and alluring vocals beckon the listener to lean a bit closer to the fire and be warmed by her caressing tales of love and loss. "Alone" addresses the universal humanness of closing oneself off from emotional contact with the ones we are closest to with the questioning chorus of, "Tell me why...why build a wall so high?" lingering in full regret.

Bands such as The Coors, Enya and even Kate Bush owe a dept of gratitude if not a small weekly deposit into Terry's bank account as thanks for his groundbreaking work in helping to develop this intricate style of music. The production warmth of this record is wonderfully layered with each musical brush stroke helping to create an aural masterpiece.

Terry handles the vocals on several songs such as "Careless" and "Cold Flames" both with themes of desperation and delivered with all the pathos and wisdom of a lover lost in a maze of reflection. Hearing John Tout play keyboards once again is likely to be some of my favorite moments on a record filled with many special reunions. Betty (Thatcher) Newsinger returns to contribute some of the sparkling lyric that propelled Renaissance into popularity back in the seventies with such progressive staples as "Carpet of the Sun", "Northern Lights" and "Ashes are Burning".

Is it any wonder that with this entourage comprised of both familiarity and family that the end result would be nothing short of magical? The themes here are passionate and more importantly personal and real. Quite a "renaissance" from what passes as music on the radio these days.

For more information please visit


* The Dark Revisited
Precedendo di poche settimane la pubblicazione dell'ep "pioggia e luce" su marsiglia records, che reppresenterà un pò il bigliettino da visita della mia carriera in solitaria, ecco giungere finalmente l'uscita del remix che ho realizato alcuni mesi fa per il famoso gruppo indie julie's haircut (
I Julie's hanno inserito tal pezzo l'interno di un ep intitolato " the dark revisited: a short collection of remixes" che raccoglie 6 remix di altrettante canzoni contenute nel loro ultimo album "after dark, my sweet" e la cosa bella è che tale ep non sarà in commercio ma sarà scaricabile gratuitamente dal 26 marzo al 1 aprile in esclusiva sul portale rockit ( per poi restare disponibile sul sito.

Questa è la lista dei remixer coinvolti e i titoli dei pezzi:

Nuccini! - Satan Eats Seitan
The [An]architects - Death Machine
Fabio Zuffanti - Liv Ullman / Ingrid Thulin
Silent Panda | Deadly Panda - Sister Pneumonia
Galactus - Satan Eats Seitan
3some - Pistils

Troverete per il download anche un artwork realizzato da andrea scarfone sulla copertina originale di "after dark, my sweet" di luca lumaca. potrete così decidere di caricare i pezzi sul vostro iPod accompagnandoli alla copertina digitale oppure di masterizzarvi il vostro cd stampando e assemblando le parti grafiche. Spero la cosa sarà di vostro gradimento. ne approfitto per ringarziare i julie's haircut e in particolare luca giovanardi per avermi coinvolto nel progetto e poi homesleep records e rockit per ospitare e promuovere l'idea.

* Cover: ho registrato la cover di un brano di Franco Battiato risalente al suo periodo elettronico/sperimentale e contenuto nel meraviglioso album "Sulle corde di aries" del 1973. il brano è "sequenze e frequenze" e per ora, in attesa di collocazione, lo potete trovare in ascolto e download gratuito sul mio myspace (

It is with great honour that Unicorn Digital welcomes Russian prog artist THE GOURISHANKAR. Their new album 2nd Hands has been released on the 15th of March 2007.

The GOURISHANKAR was formed in 2002 in the small provincial city Syktyvkar by guitar player Nomy Agranson and keyboardist Doran Usher. Since that time the band have recorded one EP and two albums based on classical Russian poetry, translated into English.

The music of the Gourishankar - is the music of northerners, who are living on the joint of Europe and Asia, near the Ural Mountains. The musicians of the band call their music "The music for mystical dancing in the opium saloons", Up to this day, the creativity of the Gourishankar is based on the progressive rock basis. The musicians experience life through unexpected enlightenments, reflection and meditation, spontaneous insights. In their music The Gourishankar are trying to unite the rationality and evolutionism of the West and Eastern mysticism and Spontaneity.

Listen to the MP3 samples at


We are happy to announce that the Canadian legends and veterans in SAGA will headline the exciting lineup of Norways new progressive music festival this summer.

SAGA celebrates the bands 30th anniversary this year. Their debut concert was on the 13th of june 1977.

Their latest album from last year, "Trust", are being considered by many fans as a "return back to form" for the canadian legends.

SAGA is very popular in Europe, and have always toured this continent extensively, getting a well deserved reputation as an outstanding live band.

Earlier this year vocalist Michael Sadler announced his retirement from Saga, so the bands performance at the spectacular venue of Holmenkollen could be one of the last chances to see him perform with Saga.

The band completes the already confirmed line-up of Threshold (UK), Pendragon (UK), A.C.T (S), Aunt Mary (N), Magic Pie (N), White Willow (N) and Wobbler (N).

The Subtacto Progfest will be held at the world famous venue Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway saturday 4th of august 2007.

For more information check our website at




Un viaggio verso la conoscenza, la scoperta della realtà come illusione, il mondo classico che incontra il rock, un’orchestra sinfonica e una progressive band per una nuova ed entusiasmante opera rock, con grandi ospiti internazionali.

Dopo “Dracula” della PFM arriva una nuova opera rock di matrice progressive. La fusione di diversi mondi e atmosfere affascina Giancarlo Trotta e Luca Contegiacomo (estrazione classica il primo, prog il secondo), musicisti provenienti da Battipaglia (SA): nasce così l’idea di un’opera rock che possa far convivere un’orchestra sinfonica di 100 elementi e una scoppiettante rock band, voci liriche e pop, arie classiche e ritmiche rock.
“Heroes Temporis” è un’opera complessa, incentrata su un viaggio di conoscenza e purificazione del protagonista, che scopre la realtà come illusione. Il duo si avvale dell’apporto di grandi professionisti internazionali come John Macaluso e Randy Coven, del giovane guitar-hero italiano Marco Sfogli, del tenore Francesco Napoletano e della celebre Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra Sif. 309 diretta da Giacomo Simonelli.
Il risultato? Testi italiani e latini ma dal respiro internazionale, un approccio colto e un sound graffiante, grandi melodie e dinamiche rock per un’opera che farà parlare di sé.

La formazione:
Francesco Napoletano: voce (Fondazione Arena di Verona).
Ivana Giugliano: voce.
Giancarlo Trotta e Luca Contegiacomo: pianoforte, tastiere, moog, fx, programmazioni.
Marco Sfogli (James La Brie, John Macaluso, NCCP): chitarre.
Randy Coven (Steve Vai, Mountain, ARK, C.P.R., Malmsteen): basso.
John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Vitalij Kuprij, Alex Masi, ARK, George Lynch): batteria.
Roberto D’Aquino (Edoardo Bennato, Gigi D’Alessio): basso, Stick.
Simone Gianlorenzi: chitarra acustica.
Matteo Salsano: voce narrante.
Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra Sif. 309 diretta dal M. Giacomo Simonelli.
Ideazione e composizione della parte letteraria: Prof. Pietro Ruggiero.

Official websites:


Release Date set for the new CROSS album "The Thrill Of Nothingness"
Things have taken more time than expected with the new album.
The main reason is that the band keep on getting more and more ideas while recording, and want to check these out. But, now they have decided not to incorporate any more material and will instead focus on finishing the recordings and have the album mixed as soon as possible.

Hansi says: "We now have about 77 minutes of music we are pleased with. In order to release it in the most enjoyable form with a certain flow, we have decided to make the original album about 50 plus minutes long. There will also be a limited edition 2-CD version of the album released. This one contains also a 25-minute EP. It would be possible to squeeze it all in on one CD but, artistically, we feel that this is not the best way to listen to it as it would become too long and very difficult to create a nice album flow".

The release date for "The Thrill of nothingness" is set to May 18.


The International Progressive Rock Festival that takes place at Jas'Rod des Pennes-Mirabeau (near Marseille, France), will present its 8th édition, with this year four evenings of music, from May, 16 to May, 19 !

Here is, to date, the list of bands that will be on stage :

Wednesday, May, 16


Thursday, May, 17

ROUGH&READY ( Japan ) - BARAKA (Japan) ...

Friday, May, 18

ROSCO il est content (France) - MALDOROR(France) - OVERHEAD (Finland)

Saturday, May 19


To have more informations, please, visit :

Unicorn Digital is proud to welcome Australian prog band UNITOPIA. The independently released CD "More than a Dream" has been released on Unicorn Digital, March 1st 2007

Unitopia is a musical adventure comprising the vocal and song writing skills of Mark Trueack, the production, song writing, keyboard & vocal skills of Sean Timms, the guitar & vocal prowess of Matt Williams, the bass and vocal talents of Shireen Khemlani, the combined drum/percussion batteries of Monty Ruggiero and Tim Irrgang and the remarkable multi-instrumentalism of Mike Stewart.

Unitopia endeavors to draw from the heart and soul of the listener, thought provoking topics such as environmental awareness, political and social upheaval, media misrepresentation, the hectic pace of life and human relationships in a positive and uplifting light. Using a progressive rock framework as a basis for Sean and Mark’s compositions, the pair quickly established a great writing rapport, extending the style to include elements of world, classical, heavy rock and dance.


New Releases:

Few band has been as active on the livescene as ABRAMIS BRAMA and for the unlucky ones to have missed that experience we´re pleased to offer , “Live!” (Trans024). 12 blistering songs recorded in Stockholm, Oslo a.o. during 2006. The cd also contain a brand new track, “I evighetens nav”. “Live!” will be released the 2nd of March and will be followed – ofcause – by more gigging to promote the album. F.i. a new norwegian tour with BLACK DEBBATH is on the agenda, more info will follow on this subject.

Transubstans is very happy to see VILLEBRÅD’s “Alla är här utom jag” (Trans023) finally hit the streets. The bands mixture of classic progressive and new wave has been well recieved from the press and comparasions have been made with ANEKDOTEN or LANDBERK!

Then there’s some golden oldies that will see their first ever CD release:

TASTE OF BLUES – Schizofrenia (Trans027), classic swedish psychedelic album from the 60’s – and the price’s thereafter, 300 to 400 € – if you ever can find one for sale! Often compared to MECKI MARK MEN or (INTERNATIONAL) HARVESTER.

Another gem is ÄNGLABARN – Änglabarn (Trans016) , originally released ’73 and today a very sought after album. Will be released during the spring, remastered with 2 single songs as bonus. Swedish electric, poetic folkmusic of the finest brand!

Band news:

FIRST BAND FROM OUTER SPACE has had some changes in the line up, MoonBeamJose and SpaceBeardEmil has quit the band but will still make some guest apperences on up-comming recordings. Sergeant Spacerock on, primarily, synth but also guitar and saxofon has joined the band. FBROS has accuired an studio and started to work on album number three, new planets will be explored for sure. A taster, ”Bring me the head of Baba Yaga”, can be heard at their myspacepage and sounds... celestial.

GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA has just recorded two new songs for a very limited (100X) compilation that will soon be released on Great Northern Recordings, Some copies of this soon-to-be rarity will also be sold from the bands homepage, . A video recording from the band’s lo-fi gig at Cafe String in january has been uploaded at,

GRAVEYARD hailing from Gothenburg has signed to Transubstans and will soon start recording their dubutalbum. The 9th of April they will enter the studio with Don Alsterberg (who worked with a.o. SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES, JOSÈ GONZALES, DIVISION OF LAURA LEE, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY) In May we hope to present you with an orgie in heavy psychedelic 70’s hardrock. Get a taste from:

We´re still waiting for The GRAND TRICK’s delayed ep "She's on the run" but I´m told it´ll soon be out for legal download, more info next time. The band is also looking for a new singer, so anyone with a feeling for 70’s hardrock can contact them at: .

Always active Øresund Space Collective is already planning album, yet untitled, number three. It will contain 3 l o n g tracks and is just now being mixed at Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen. Releasedate to be confirmed. For those who just can´t enought of spacerock the ØSC will soon release number 11 and 12 in their own Cdr series, ”Picks from Space”. Avaliable at .

Upcomming gigs:

The GRAND TRICK plays at L'Orient in Linköping, March 17th . 013-149595

MAGNOLIA makes their live debut the 3rd of March at Cafe XL in native Åmål, old as well as brand new songs will be played .

S.K.U.R.K. have the following gigs planned. MC Fest in Staffanstorp 3rd of March - Metalfestival in Helsingsborg the 13th of July at Hedens Idrottsplats. - 14th Juli they´re of to Kristianstands Tivolirock.

ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE is putting together an european mini-tour with the following – so far - dates.

Köping, 5th april (not confirmed)
Stockholm 6th april (not confirmed)
Helsingfors, Finland 8th april (with HIDIRA SPACEFOLK)
Copenhagen, Danmark 12th april (with SIENA ROOT)

Berlin, Germany 17th maj (not confirmed)
Plauen, Germany 18-19th maj (soon confirmed)


"Our lead singer, Erik, decided to quit Circles End a while ago, in order to work on his own solo projects. Although this is sad news for all of us, it will enable us to move our music into new territory, as we have more or less decided not to replace Erik with a new lead singer. New material is in the works, and a release is imminent, we just don't know exactly when. Keep up the good spirit!"


Debut album from Swedish 4 piece VILLEBRAD, located in Uppsala, city of KAIPA, who consider themselves influenced by the classic era of progressive music alá CRIMSON, as well as the early 80's sound of JAPAN. The result is a fascination embryo that is close to Swedish sounding bands like ANEKDOTEN and LANDBERK. 9 tracks of dramatic proggressive songs with vocals in Swedish. Hopefully the listeners will enjoy as much as we do !!

For more info, please check out:

Tales Of Wonder already reviewed it here !!

The presale for the SUBACTO PROGFEST 2007 has now started from our own website at The festival will take place at Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway on saturday 4th of August. Confirmed bands are Threshold, Pendragon, A.C.T, Magic Pie, White Willow and Wobbler. Two more bands soon to be confirmed. The ticket price will be NOK 495,- (60 EURO / £ 41 / $ 79 ), and you can pay secure using your creditcard via PayPal. No additional fees apply.

There will also be possible to buy a limited edition of souvenir tickets with the same motif as on the festival poster designed by Mark Wilkinson. These tickets will only be made in 250 copies, and will be sold for NOK 595,- (72 EURO / £ 49 / $ 95 ). From monday 5th of March you will also be able to order tickets from the norwegian Ticketmaster-affiliate, Billettservice. They will, however, only sell ordinary tickets, not souvenir tickets.

More detailed information about how to travel to Oslo and the festival area, accomodation etc., will be online shortly.

The first one to buy a ticket for this new norwegian, international progfestival was from United Kingdom!

New releases on KARTINI MUSIC available now in the Shop at and at

New re-mastered edition of the second Colin Bass studio album "In The Meantime" including five new additional tracks: "Gently Kindly" (previously only available as a single) and four songs recorded live on the 2005 solo tour of Poland: “As We say Goodbye”, “Talk to Me”, “When You Smile”, “Dolphins”.


Prince Robinson : Almost From Sunrise (Kart 14)

Gravel-voiced Guitarist extraordinaire from Los Angeles Prince Robinson delivers a set of sparkling new arrangements of some great blues classics. Featuring Colin Bass on bass guitar, Wolfgang Roggenkamp on Hammond organ and keyboards, Kenny Martin on drums and the Ralf Rickert Horns. Produced in Berlin and Los Angeles by Dennis Moody.

Colin Bass writes in his diary entry from the news page at : July 3rd-5th : “album recording session in UFO Studios, Berlin with Prince Robinson.
Prince is a stunning guitarist from Los Angeles who has been living in Berlin for the last 5 years. A total natural on Blues guitar with a louche gravel-voice to match, he can also spin off any number of Monteverdi madrigals at the drop of a headscarf and is a prolific composer of great jazz-rock-fusion and more. This session however was a commissioned work: an album of blues standards. Hoochie Coochie Man, Good Morning Little School Girl, Born Under a Bad Sign and more in fresh new arrangements. The session was a lot of fun. The amazing Wolfgang Roggenkamp played Hammond organ and keyboards, Berlin's most in-demand drummer Kenny Martin kept the grooves in the pocket and I played bass. Ralf Rickerts arranged the horn section and Dennis Moody was the producer at the helm, and did an amazing job on the post-production and mastering too”.

Ukrainian band KARFAGEN is back with a new album. "The Space Between Us" has been released on february 11th 2007. Antony Kalugin and his band are back with another great prog album. The previous album Continium release in July 2006 took the prog community by surprise and is still receiving great reviews. Read Tales Of Wonder review !!

Song list:

Entering the Gate
The Great Circus
Temple of Light
The Other Side
Sky of COuple Colors
Masks and Illusions
The Dream Master
Through a Stream of Images(Prestissimo)
The Sculptor
Let Go
Wonder Valleys
Kingeisher and Dragonflies
Mind Games
The Space Between Us
When the Night Falls
Big Outro



Voila! Our next album is here! (Or at least it's in for printing). Clocking in a 53 minutes, titled "Night", this is our first true concept album where initially it's one song split into 5 parts.

Track listing
1 Dream of Stone (17:00)
2 Chequered Light Buildings (6:34)
3 Upside Down (9:41)
4 Valerie's Friend (6:29)
5 Massive Illusion (13:37)

We are extremely proud of the result and believe this to be our best album to date (isn't that what they all say... well we mean it... isn't that what they all say as well... well... I give up). "Night" is a musical description of a dream or a stream of conciousness. It explores the question of where dreams end and reality begins and the mind as the tool that has to decide what to believe. The character goes through various memories real and imagined and sees the world from the angles of different people. He travels through time and visits places across the world including old New Orleans and Ancient woods with Pagan rituals being performed. Night is about life and the various ways of interpreting existence. Pretentious? Oh yes but delicious as well... very delicious.

For anyone interested in recording we have used over 200 tracks in our recording studio and over a thousand sound files have been recorded. So, alot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into the making of the album. "Night" will be available from Racket Records in February and the printers are in overdrive mode to hit the deadline of the Marillion Weekend (where we're playing by the way, see below). That's from Feb. 1 2007. If you're not there, follow our webspace on Racket Records from that date to secure your copy. Some initial comments from a reviewer: "I would describe it as a hybrid between Marillion's The Invisible Man and Talk Talk's The Rainbow, played by Radiohead and stretched to 53 minutes. Oh, and with a bit of Hungarian waltz thrown in."

Curious yet? If you want to preview the album, head on over here to have a listen! We've just released track 2 "Chequered Light Buildings". You can also preview 13 minutes of the album at the Rogues Gallery which was aired last week. We hope you enjoy it! We would like to especially thank Antonio Seijas Cruz for yet another outstanding piece of art for our album, go on over to our site to catch glimpses of the album's artwork.

Currently we've got 3 dates lined up, one in Oslo and two in Holland. We'll be 'headlining' in Oslo and at the pre-convention party at the Boerderij in Zoetermeer. We're working on getting even more dates in and around Norway during the spring/summer so keep visiting our homepage for any updates.

25/01/2007 : Maiden - Oslo, Norway
01/02/2007 : Boerderij - Zoetermeer, Holland
02-05/02/2007 : Marillion Weekend 2007 - Ouddorp, Holland


The Øresund Space Collective have a fantastic double CD called It’s all about Delay out and getting great reviews everywhere. We were nominated (but did not win the Italian Prog Awards 2006), we are the CD of the month for January 2007 at Acid Dragon Magazine and more reviews are coming all the time. The CD is available in Denmark from us (, CDBaby and Aural Innovations in the USA, Record Heaven in Sweden, and more..

We are getting ready to play some gigs in the coming months in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Copehagen- Feb 9th, Malmö- March, April 6th- Stockholm (not confirmed yet) and April 8th in Helsinki with Hidria Spacefolk! All concerts will be recorded and put up at the as always.

We have just had our first jam session of the year (Session 28) and the MP3s are up on the web site. Finally, we have a new CD (still untitled) coming out in May on the Transubstans Label ( IT is being mixed right now.

Please check out our shop on the web site (we also have some CDs by Hidria Spacefolk, Korai Orom and the Copenhagen Space Rock Festival CD (features all exclusive tracks by Dark Sun, The Spacious Mind, Darxtar, Mantric Muse, Gas Giant and Pseudo Sun). Thanks for the support.

Metal Mind Productions proudly presents

The biggest metal/hard rock event of the year!

a music collaboration featuring current Black Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler along with former members Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice

Live in Poland

19.06.07 - Warszawa (PL), Torwar
20.06.07 - Katowice (PL), Spodek Hall

PROGWAVES: the New Year rides on the waves of Prog

Starting on January 17th, Progwaves is the new radio program devoted to Progressive Rock music. Every Wednesday at 8 pm UMT, the team of the Italian magazine Wonderous Stories - - will lead you through one hour and a half of music, comments, previews and interviews.

Symphonic Prog, Canterbury, RIO, Jazz Prog, Post Rock, Prog Metal: Progwaves aims to give his listeners the widest possible experience of all the flavours, influences and motivating forces that the present music scene took as legacy from the Progressive experience of the 70s. An important part of the program will be also dedicated to the present Italian Prog music scene.

You can listen to Progwaves on the web from everywhere in the world: just go to the Radio Effetti Collaterali website - - and click the On Air button. Every Wednesday we'll ride on the waves of Prog.

PROGWAVES: every Wednesday at 8 pm UMT on web streaming broadcast - - the new radio program devoted to Progressive Rock music.

From Psychedelic Experiments To Political Propaganda
with fully illustrated discography & valuation guide
Bonus CD included

238 pages, format A4, colour illustated, english, plastic sealed CD
ISBN 978-91-89136-22-9 Premium Publishing, Stockholm
Shipping 1:st of February 2007

Finally comes this grand book with all artists and groups that was the big prog-wave in Sweden at the end of the 60’s and beginning of the 70’s. All, approximately, 400 artists that ever recorded an album with progressive – political as well as musical – direction is presented. All band-members are listed. New first-hand research and complete discography. Pictures of all album covers. A priceguide where all records are graded from a collectors view – some is worth a fortune today! Find out which. The book includes all kinds of music from fuzzy guitarbands to experimental groups, power trios, radical and political bands, as well as the psychedelic groups. In this exclusive encyclopedia you find artists as International Harvester, Made In Sweden, Hansson & Karlsson and Mecki Mark Men that cleared the path for the more known acts like November, Träd, Gräs & Stenar, Blå Tåget, Nationalteatern, Hoola Bandoola Band and Kebnekajse. »The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Progressive Music« is complete with an extensive artist and memberregister.

First edition includes a bonus cd with a previously unreleased 32-minute recording by one of the hottest band from the era: Baby Grandmothers. This recording is made by Silence Records-founder Anders Lind at the legendary Club Filips in 1967.

Wholesaleprice: 320 kr + postage.


In March there will be new albums out from both Galleon and Cross. Since their latest releases, From Land To Ocean and Playgrounds, both bands have been undergoing slight changes in their line-ups. After seven albums Galleon's original drummer Dan Fors felt that he had achieved what he wanted with his drumming and called it a day. He is now replaced by Göran Johnsson, who already made some music together with Galleon's bass player/lead vocalist Göran Fors for the side project Spektrum back in 2003. The remaining members tell that the arrival of the new drummer has put new energy into the band and that the new album has been recorded in a sense of great enthusiasm. At this moment all basic tracks are recorded and it is mainly the lyrical work and to record the vocals left to do before having the entire album mixed. According to the band we can expect a partly new, more energetic Galleon sound but also many bits and pieces based on the classic style with melodic song writing, fine melodies and wonderful moog solos.

Cross, who for a couple of years have been working as a trio together with Grand Stand's keyboardist Olov Andersson as special guest on the two latest albums felt that it would be a good thing to work with a permanent keyboard player, someone who could also had the potential to co-write a couple of songs together with the bands head composer and founder, Hansi Cross. And after some contemplation the choice was to invite...Göran Johnsson. Yes, the very same guy that now is Galleon's new drummer. Hansi, who also contributed to the above mentioned Spektrum album, had noticed that Göran was a "not too bad" keyboard player as well and after have heard some of Göran's own compositions he was stricken by two things. The first was "Wow! Some of these songs are really good!" and the second was " sounds a bit like my composition and yet not. Interesting!" So, Hansi talked to his band mates Tomas and Lollo about Göran and they also felt that it was a good idea to ask Göran to join Cross. So they did and he immediately and happily accepted. So, the same thing that happened within Galleon is now also a fact regarding Cross. The new album is recorded with a large portion of enthusiasm and energy and somewhat sounds as a mix of Gaze, Secrets and Playgrounds but also with a new feel to it.

If nothing unexpected happens, both bands will have their new albums out in March.